Progress Group

Mesh welding plants

With our mesh welding plants you have the option of welding tailor-made bespoke mesh from coil. The mesh welding plants' strengths lie in their versatility and in the infinite number of possibilities for adapting them to the needs of the individual customer.

Machine features:

  • Production of tailor-made mesh
  • Increased cost-effectiveness and reduced staffing requirements
  • No clippings
  • Design flexibility for the plant
  • Compact, requires little space
  • Manageable maintenance costs
  • Ease of operation and good EDP networking
  • Upgrade of other components available at any time

Flexible just-in-time production

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Integral bending and logistics systems

Bending systems

The BGM bending machine is designed for the fully automatic bending of individual bespoke mesh. The machine can be equipped with a beam or individual bending device. In combination with the gridless production of mesh, the beam bending system allows the totally accurate production of cages with iron in the corners of the cage. Fully automatic bending of individual rebar is also possible for window and door slots. Entire plant concepts and flexible transport and logistics systems complete this solution.


Bespoke Mesh

Bespoke mesh is used ad static reinforcement in the concrete element. For example, bespoke mesh is used in two-dimensional precast concrete elements, such as wall and ceiling elements. A distinction is made between predominantly static and non-static effects in welded mesh. 

Bent bespoke mesh and cages are manufactured from mesh, which is bent after production of the mesh. The mesh is either welded together or intertwined (fastened). It is used, for instance, for pillars, columns, girders, pipe installation and for connections between walls.