Lattice girder welding machines

VGA Versa makes flexible, just-in-time production of lattice girder from coil possible. Its particular feature is the fully automatic height and diameter adjustment during production, which allows it to manufacture each product exactly to measure and without time-wasting retrofitting. This means that high storage costs disappear, as does the problem of clippings. It is also possible to adjust the distance between the spot welds on the diagonal wire, which results in accurate cutting. As a particular feature for precast plants, the Versa can be configured for the production of KTS lattice girders.

Our lattice girder welding machines provide the right solutions for the requirements of our customers.

Lattice girder manufacture without changeover ties by means of automatic height change

Automated top, bottom and diagonal wire change

Just-in-time production to give more flexibility for the customer and allow small batch sizes

Lattice Girders

Lattice girders have two main purposes:

On the one hand they secure the bond between the prefabricated slab and the cast-in-situ concrete and on the other they ensure the load-bearing capacity and serviceability of the prefabricated slab in the installed condition.

In addition, lattice girders can be used, for instance, as spacers for the upper made to measure mesh. Lattice girders are made of straight bars or bent stirrups.

They are used as spacers between mesh or ceiling and wall elements and have load-bearing properties.