Ladder welding machine

The Tunnel Master is used for the manufacture of straight and curved ladders from coil and can be manufactured in a variety of designs, which are custom-made for the customer's technical and economic requirements. In combination with the mesh welding plant the Tunnel Master is your complete solution for manufacturing tunnel segments. The Tunnel Master processes up to four longitudinal wires and positions them and the cross-wires correctly by means of a continuously adjustable spacer. In this way this system facilitates fast, technically refined and cost-saving production of straight and curved ladders from the coil for tunnel segments and similar precast concrete elements.

Technical Data

Wire feeding

from Coil

Rebar properties

hot-rolled and cold-rolled corrugated coil wire up to 550 N/m2 

Ladder type

straight and curved, up to 4 longitudinal wires

Ladder radius

from 2,5 m

Ladder length min.

600 mm

Cross-wire length min. / max.

150 - 600 mm

Diameter longitudinal wires

8 - 12 mm (optional 16 mm)

Diameter cross-wires

8 - 12 mm (optional 16 mm)

Cross-wire spacing

continuously adjustable from 50 mm

Longitudinal wire spacing

continuously adjustable from 50 mm (restrictions for 16 mm option)

High degree of automation

Flexible precision production