Rebar shops

With our automatic stirrup benders, straightening and cutting machines, and cutting and bending machines, mesh welding plant and our application software we offer well-engineered solutions for rebar shops. We develop systems to measure, which satisfy all the customer's specific performance requirements. By focussing on compact, high-performance machines for processing rebar from coil we optimise the production flow, reduce warehousing costs and make material handling easier. Sophisticated logistics systems and appropriate ancillary equipment make us a full-range supplier for the rebar industry.

BAMTEC reinforcement technology

BAMTEC reinforcement technology is a highly efficient system for the planning, manufacture and installation of rolled made to measure mesh elements. Cost-efficiency ensues from the consistent use of electronic data in made to measure mesh planning and production, maximum material efficiency and the optimisation of resources in every individual operation. BAMTEC reinforcement technology is known throughout the world and is the cost-effective system for reinforcing reinforced concrete ceilings and floor slabs in structural engineering. The principal benefits as compared to conventional reinforcement, are a saving in rebar and a reduction in installation time on the construction site together with enhanced quality.