M-System Evolution

Modern automation technology enables bespoke mesh to be welded longitudinally and transversely, while maintaining the highest level of work safety and keeping costs down. Bespoke mesh with different spacings, dimensions, and wire diameters can be individually manufactured according to CAD specifications. The welding plant's modular system permits customized requirements to be precisely met. Each item of bespoke mesh is produced without cutting waste and without complicated recutting as in case of standard mesh. If needed, the bespoke mesh welding machine can be equipped with systems to label, handle or stacking the mesh.

Technical data

  M-System Evolution                      
Diameter range 5 - 16 mm (#5)
Longitudinal wire spacing 50, 25, variable spacing
Straigthening machine MMR
Possible wire diameters 4 (8)
Diameter changeover time < 1 sec.
Number of welding heads 6 - 12
Flexible meshes included
Connected load approx. 200 kVA
Plant dimensions approx. 38 x 12 m

Piece production of tailor-made mesh

Adaptable performance


Bespoke Mesh

Bespoke mesh is used ad static reinforcement in the concrete element. For example, bespoke mesh is used in two-dimensional precast concrete elements, such as wall and ceiling elements. A distinction is made between predominantly static and non-static effects in welded mesh. 

Mesh is produced to suit exactly the customer-specific requirements for the prefabricated units.  

Bent bespoke mesh and cages are manufactured from mesh, which is bent after production of the mesh. The mesh is either welded together or intertwined (fastened). It is used, for instance, for pillars, columns, girders, pipe installation and for connections between walls.