Straightening/bending machine MSR 25

The Spanish rebar shop, Ferrallas y Armados Tecozam took the decision to commission a custom-made MSR 25 straightening/bending machine. The objective was to implement a comprehensive modernisation programme for the firm's existing production of reinforcement for straightened and bent bars. The rapidly growing Tecozam consortium made this decision because of the growing demand for reinforcement, in particular in the area of high-speed railway traffic.

The straightening/bending machine from the MSR 25 range, which was purchased, processes the rebar directly from the coil, with a diameter of up to 25 mm and thus optimises the entire production flow. For a significant added value by reason of the high productivity, the plant ensures in particular production to order, minimal storage costs, low power consumption values, simple operation, low maintenance costs, no waste and an optimum quality of straightening and cutting, free of hydraulics.