Top Innovator Award

The Top Innovator Award in 2017 rewards Beton Kemmler GmbH for the fourth time as one of the top 100 innovators in Germany‘s small and medium-sized business sector. Such a distinction is a mark both of the outstanding corporate culture at Kemmler, and also its readiness to invest consistently in technological development. The cooperation between Kemmler and progress Maschinen und Automation has developed along similarly positive lines. The first plant was delivered in 2003. 

Today, Kemmler uses a whole range of progress machines in their production for structural engineering, civil engineering and the manufacture of pre-assembled garages. As two mesh welding plants (M-System and BlueMesh), two Versa lattice girder welding machines and a Wire Centre reinforcement plant have been integrated into the pallet circuits for the production of sectional floors and ceilings, double walls and solid walls. 

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We have achieved significant time and cost savings by our process improvements in material logistics.

Martin Heimrich, General manager Beton Kemmler