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"I travel all over the world, commission machines at the customer's plant and while I am there I train the employees on site. My job is to put the final touches to the work my colleges have already done. " 

Andreas Larcher

In the hall components, machines and plants are assembled. This is where we test the machines - which leaves the factory only after completed testing. Or would you rather work on finished part construction and see how a building emerges? We can offer you that, as well! 

"My work is varied and creative. The development of innovative solutions offers plenty of scope in their implementation and the technology used."

Erich Markart

As a software developer the sky's the limit! Whether the issue is machine control, user software, production control or ERP systems, with us you can develop everything!

"As a design engineer, I design the machine and all the details. What do I like in particular? Each day brings new challenges, to which I am able to respond." 

Damian Aichhorner

You work on tailor-made solutions for customers for rebar processing and finished part production. There is plenty of scope for enjoying constructing things!

"A talent for organisation is required, if we are to drum up business. This is where I come in. I am the interface between the customers and the individual departments and make sure that everything runs to plan." 

Hannes Tauber

You coordinate projects in manufacturing precast concrete elements or in mechanical engineering. The name of the game here is good communication. As a project manager you are familiar with all the procedures and are an important contact for the customer.

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